A.C.Lloyd Green Homes build on our proud heritage of creating communities for future generations. Our sustainable and responsible building approach is enhanced with green extras to help reduce the planet’s carbon foot print.

Living ‘a little greener’

To find out more about living a greener, more sustainable life full of innovation, energy saving and cost effectiveness, explore the A.C.Lloyd interactive Green Home below.  The icons reveal more details of each green feature.


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Living ‘a little greener’

To find out more about living a greener, more sustainable life full of innovation, energy saving and cost effectiveness, explore the A.C.Lloyd Green Home features with the magnifier (click to enable the magnifier).  All the features are described in more detail below the home image.

Smart technology

A.C.Lloyd Green Homes have linked up with Loxone Smart Home, who simply and automatically regulate your homes heating, lighting and security. This intelligent automation will save you money and time, so that you can enjoy the more important things in life!

Solar panels

A.C.Lloyd Green Homes have teamed up with: Hanwha PV?Panels, providing Q cELLS modules. These are Solar PV panels which generate electricity giving higher yields per surface area and power classes, lower ‘balance of solar’ costs, with excellent efficiency rates. They have triple yield security with guaranteed resistance to ‘potential induced degradation’ and protection against hot-spots.  The Solis Inverter maintains efficiency and is cost effective.

Thicker loft insulation

A.C.Lloyd Green Homes will all have Earthwool Loft Roll 40 which provides a superior performance with better thermal conductivity.  Glass Mineral Wool contains up to 80% high quality recycled materials, to which is added sand, limestone and soda ash. The glass is spun to form millions of fine strands of mineral wool.  We use a revolutionary bio-based binder, ECOSE® Technology, to bind the mineral wool together to form a mat of material which ultimately will keep the heat in your home.

Thermal insulated plasterboard

Gyproc ThermaLine PLUS reduces heat loss from your A.C.Lloyd Rye Green Home. Gypsum plasterboard is bonded to an extruded polystyrene foam (which is CFC and HCFC-free), meaning zero Ozone Depletion Potential, and less than five Global Warming Potential. An effective insulant providing a vapour control layer for intermediate levels of thermal insulation.

Underfloor heating

Myson Floortec works by heating your A.C.Lloyd Green Home from the floor upwards. This radiant, uniform heating works by moving warm air around the room, so there will be no cold spots or draughts. It’s perfect for human comfort just set and forget your preferred temperature for the maximum efficiency benefit .

Air source heat pump

A.C.Lloyd Rye Green Home, comes with a Mitsubishi Ecodan Package – 8.5kW Air Source Heat Pump pack with 210 litre cylinder. This inverter-driven heat pump technology offers a low carbon, more cost effective alternative to traditional boilers. It has 30–50% reduction in CO2 emissions and low running costs, especially with your Myson Floortec under floor heating system.

Water butt

The Cloudburst 200 Litre Water Butt Kit includes everything you need to save water.This recycled plastic, woodgrain-effect water butt kit, has a 200 litre capacity, and is ideal for the A.C.Lloyd Rye Green Home. It is installed with a stand to give access to fill a watering can, as well as a ‘rain diverter kit’ to collect all the rainwater that falls onto the roof of your home.